Sightings: Lyrical Landscapes

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July 27 - July 27 2018

Harold Garde: AbEx to Neo-Expressionism demonstrates Garde’s early and vigorous engagement with Abstract Expressionism as well as the persistent innovation of his mature artistic experimentation. The exhibition comprises three, consecutive shows at Artlery 160 Gallery, entitled Act I: Some Risks are Rewarded (Sept. 28 – Nov. 13, 2017); Act II: Tangle and Unwind (Nov. 15, 2017 – Jan. 9, 2018); and Act III: Piece to Piece (Jan. 11 – Feb. 5, 2018).


Each Act features a distinct, representative selection of Garde’s major bodies of work in painting, drawing, and prints. (Garde is also a prolific poet; the title of each Act draws upon the artist’s published writings, particularly his anthology, “Long Time to Get This Young” (2016)).


The exhibition will feature nearly one hundred artworks by the artist, from 1955 to 2017, exploring such themes as the pleasures and terrors of romantic relationships, masquerade, sacrifice, creation, and myth; along with the fallibility of communication or decision. It total, Harold Garde: AbEx to Neo-Expressionism seeks to provide a fuller sense of the artist’s creative concerns as well as the developments and achievements of his remarkably long and accomplished career.



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Harold Garde

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