James Kimak

As a fine artist, photographer and graphic designer for the past 40+ years, Jim has honed creative skills within a great variety of fine and digital art disciplines. Beginning with his studies at the University of Bridgeport culminating in a BS in Fine Art, He has truly lived the creative life, much of it coming through serendipity and sheer determination. While at school, he formulated his own concentration in drawing – which was not an official major. When he noted that the school paper had no art, he offered his services as a student illustrator, leading to his first freelance jobs after graduation as an illustrator for the New Haven Register and as an inker for DC and then Marvel comics.
He subsequently developed many creative skills as a graphic design and Art Director, working as a newspaper staff artist and, after learning computer skills in 1982, working in the forefront of interactive media at Prodigy and then NBC and CNBC where he served as editorial/news and feature art director for their online presence.
In the late 80s, he entered many regional fine art shows, with his acceptance into an exhibition at the Parrish Art Museum in Southampton a point of pride. He was also showing in his hometown of Piermont, NY, which resulted in an invitation by the Edward Hopper House (now Museum) in Nyack to present his first solo show in 1993. Edward Hopper had been one major influence in his approach to drawing and painting, so this was a very important achievement for him. The show was also, as it happens, a great success....

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Red Roofs.jpg
     Red Roofs, 2019
     Acrylic on canvas  
     40 x 30 in.