Harriet Finck

Harriet earned a BA in art history from Barnard College  and an M.Arch from Harvard University. As an architect, her last job was with IMPei and Partners in New York. However, with the strongest influence coming from a painting professor, she changed direction in midlife, trading a straight edge for paint and paper. Her studio is part of an arts community in Manufacturer’s Village, East Orange, NJ. She has taught at Parsons and at William Paterson University, and is a long-time faculty member at the Art School at Old Church in Demarest, NJ. She co-teaches an Artists’ Beit Midrash at a synagogue in Teaneck. She exhibits widely, and has work in several collections. Her last solo exhibit was at W83 Gallery, in New York. 


My work as an artist began as collage; I cut up and reassembled my own prints and etchings. This morphed into painted collage; then into acrylic paintings on paper. My subject matter is the the coalescing and coming apart of particles in nature, on the macro and micro levels.

I grew up in an Orthodox home, and had a yeshivah education. A portion of my work is deeply informed by Hebrew texts. Occasionally, I put the actual text in a painting. Sometimes whole phrases are visible; sometimes, hidden. I have also made scrolls, in homage to the Hebrew originals, using unusual materials, .

My last large group of paintings was based on nature imagery in the book of Kohelet (Ecclesiastes).

I am currently working on a Psalms project. Again, nature within the text is my subject.

Finck_WATER_acrylic, ink, paper_2019_54x
WATER  2019
acrylic, ink, paper  54 x 60 in.