It's Personal: Collecting the Works of Harold Garde

You are invited to view, and purchase from, a specially            curated selection of the Works of Harold Garde

We have been privileged to collect the works of, and, from time to time, curate shows for, Harold Garde, one of the last surviving members of the New York School of Abstract Expressionism.

We asked Harold if we could curate a special selection of his works and he enthusiastically agreed.


Our selections, curated with insights from Harold, span four decades of his nine decade career. Half of the selections in the pdf below feature rare black & white works. The other half features vibrant color works. Together they offer a broad range of original works that show the diversity of imagery from Harold’s long career.


Importantly, by special arrangement with Harold, this promotion includes works beginning at $200 with over 80% of the 136 works averaging less than $500—an exceptional opportunity to collect his works at very affordable prices. 


021 Proposed  (2015), 12x9 image, $200,

            Proposed, 2015, 12 x 9 in.  

Orange Kimono, 26 x 20 in, w/frame 29 x 23 in.