Caroline O'Callaghan

A love of design, architecture, and the subtly of colors in nature, have all translated into the style and palette of Caroline O’Callaghan’s artwork. Painting and design have been a creative thread throughout her life. She studied drawing and painting while earning a Bachelor of Arts degree.

At House Beautiful magazine in Manhattan, she worked on editorial pieces along with photo shoots, while continuing classes in color mixing and painting in New York. Later joining a Madison Avenue design firm, Caroline worked on high end design projects, staying connected to the world of art and design in New York City.

Caroline is represented by galleries in New York and Connecticut. She works with interior designers, and sells through design stores. She is currently working on corporate art with American Express, while continuing with custom art commission work. Her art can be found on walls stretching from the Hamptons to Palm Beach and on the coast of California up to Seattle. She comments that her art is lucky to have such beautiful homes.

Artist Statement

Art, design, and architecture have been an integral part of my life. Continually exploring and researching design elements and the process of art, I have studied art in studio and through the masters in art history. Though I mostly paint intuitively, these studies all feed into my work.

I am most inspired by the abstract genre, and how many directions it can take your work. Often it’s the sheer beauty of how paint naturally takes to the canvas or paper that is the pure art. I like to work in series as it allows my work to evolve as well as redirect.

After a career at House beautiful and a Madison Avenue design firm, numerous architectural projects, and my children growing older, I am able to embrace art full time and love every minute spent in this fascinating world of art.

Acrylics on Canvas_36 x 36 in.