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Paint Like Pollock

ArtSuite held a special childrens' painting event on 11/2/19 during Piermont's annual town-wide ART CRAWL. Young area artists collaborated to create a large-scale painting that would make Jackson Pollock proud!

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A Multi- Artist Exhibition

On November 17, 2018,  ArtSuite hosted the exhibit, Personal Journeys, which introduced the paintings and photography of three regional artists providing insight into their individual paths of self-discovery and expression.

Susan Hope Fogel

Jefferson Hayman

Lauren Wan



On July 14th, 2018,  Piermont Avenue was closed to traffic for the village’s annual Bastille Day celebration. French flags flapped along the avenue where restaurants and shops created a festive event. The streets were filled with live music and the pleasant aromas of traditional French, Italian, Continental, Mexican, Irish and American cuisine served by local restaurants. Piermont came alive with visitors from all areas. 

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THE ART LOUNGE: Apres Sundance New York

Following the gathering at the Sundance Film Festival, the Art Lounge hosted an Apres Sundance Party at ArtSuite's New York gallery. "The Art of the Story: Figurative Narratives" showcased the works of artists Harold Garde, Ben Lenovitz, and Antonio Romano. The evening also featured a live music performance by Kris Gruen, who previously captivated audiences at The Art Lounge pop-up gallery at the Sundance Film Festival. 

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THE ART LOUNGE: Art & Spirit Q&A with Harold Garde

In 2014, Dale Schierholt spent two weeks with one of his former subjects and dearest friends – Harold Garde. The two of course talked about art.  Once in the editing room however, Schierholt realized that those conversations spoke to something larger than Garde and his work. Schierholt created Art & Spirit, a film sharing the thoughts of the 91 years-old painter, who offers insight into a fulfilling and successful life. The short was an Official Selection at the 2015 Newport Beach Film Festival.  Following the screening on April 30th, the Art Lounge hosted a Q & A with Harold Garde, inviting the audience to dialogue about the film with the artist himself. 

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For Lovers and Haters...

On Valentine's Day 2019, we hosted a Valentine's Soiree feautring a unique time-limited exhibit contrasting the energetic symbols of LOVE versus LOVE GONE WRONG, featuring the work of renowned American Expressionist Harold Garde.

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Flower Painting Workshop with Lauren Wan and Ned Kelly

On October 20th, 2018,  ArtSuite hosted a painting workshop, led by  Lauren Wan, international designer and artist, exploring watercolor floral painting.  Special guest and renowned florist, Ned Kelly of Ned Kelly &Company demonstrated simple concepts for flower arranging and presented a signature arrangement for inspiration.  Students walked away with their own creations.



During Piermont's 2018 Girls Night Out, ArtSuite entertained festival participants with a look at the power andmeaning of color. Accompanied by wine and munchies of course!

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THE ART LOUNGE: Meet the Artist - Ruth Alder Schnee

In May 2015, the Art Lounge partnered with Jeremiah Schnee, Founder of Wealth and Values Initiative (WVI) to host a reception to celebrate Jeremiah’s mother and the artist, Ruth Adler Schnee.  The 92 year old textile designer is considered a pioneer - not only in defining the modern look of architectural interiors, but also in redefining postwar America’s sense of public space.

Ruth Adler Schnee travelled from Chicago to speak at The Jewish Heritage Museum during the exhibition in which she is featured, “Designing Home: Jews and Midcentury Modernism.” The reception allowed supporters to honor Schnee's recent achievement of becoming the Kresge 2015 Eminent Artist, and also provided a rare opportunity to meet the artist and discuss her creative process. 

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THE ART LOUNGE: In the Rec Room by Harold Garde

In the Rec Room, a short play by Harold Garde, explores the notion of unconventional living in a world, in a country of conventionality. Set during the Second World War, Claire, Man and Henry isolate in their love for each other, rejecting societal norms. When first released over a decade ago, In the Rec Room won the Belfast 15 Minute Play Festival, judged by the writer of Hairspray, Mark O'Donnell.


In the spring of 2015, the Art Lounge workshopped In the Rec Room with local New York actors Tatiana Wechsler, Stephen Mark, Ben Peltz, George Carpenter, Amelia Matthews, and Adam Bradley at the ArtSuite Gallery, followed by discussions with the playwright, Harold Garde.

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Book Signing with Photographer Jefferson Hayman

On December 16th, 2018,  ArtSuite hosted a book signing event with photographer Jefferson Hayman.  He accompanied his book with a special opportunity to collect Limited Miniature Trial Proofs.  Warm Honey Whiskey Toddies and Apple Cider added to the festive mood.

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New Works Show

On September 21th, 2018, Artist Harold Garde was in his element at the opening night reception of House of Garde at the new ArtSuite Gallery in Piermont. Surrounded by his most recent abstract paintings he greeted prominent members from the Hudson Valley, art collectors, patrons and many local artist. 95 yr old Garde has had extraordinary achievements and continued vitality in Abstract and Figurative Expressionism and continues to make a significant yet under-recognized contribution to Post-War American art. 

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THE ART LOUNGE: Sundance Film Festival 

ArtSuite recently presented The Art Lounge during the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. The gallery decided to debut it's curated selection of works by the New York artists Harold Garde and Antonio Romano during the creative vortex of Sundance - aligned with the dynamics of movie premieres to reach the collectors and art enthusiasts in attendance. The pop-up gallery also featured an array of musical guests including Kris Gruen, Peppina, Jim and Sam, and Daniel Blue. The Art Lounge pop-up gallery became a hub for film, music, and art lovers to converge in an emporium setting and experience the interaction of artistic forms.

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THE ART LOUNGE: Suzanne Corso Book Release

In May 2015, author Suzanne Corso celebrated the release of her latest book, Hello Hollywood.  In honor of her completed trilogy, the Art Lounge hosted a private reading and cocktail celebration. Friends and family gathered at the ArtSuite gallery to get an exclusive look at Corso's new novel and recognize the conclusion of Corso's beloved series.